Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Celebrating the Sound of the City: La Musica de San Anto Mural Blessing

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The Saturday before Thanksgiving, which was two days before Manny's birthday, San Anto blessed our 37th mural, La Musica de San Anto. Over a year in the making, La Musica is our biggest mural to date, and is one of our most special projects because of all of the superb musicians captured in its vibrant colors. These musicians include Doug Sahm, Randy Garibay, Eva Garza, Lydia Mendoza, Valerio Longoria, Clifford Scott, Felix Villarreal, Rocky Morales, and Rosita Fernandez. But we treasure this project especially because our late Executive Director, Manuel "Manny" Castillo, Jr. was added after his death in January. He is pictured doing something he loved best: tearin' up his drums.

La Musica has become something of a gateway to the Westside since it's located as cars pass coming over the Commerce bridge. We are extremely proud that the mural has been blessed and dedicated, and we hope that if you missed the blessing on November 21, that you will take a minute to drive by. It's located on the side of a bail bonds building at 1303 W. Commerce.

For more coverage of the event and the mural, check out the great article in the Southside Reporter by Nicole Marie Moore.

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