Friday, May 7, 2010

In 3 weeks...

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San Anto needs your help!

Starting on June 1st, you will have the opportunity to

vote for San Anto Cultural Arts

as a part of Pepsi's Refresh Everything campaign, which is giving away

$1.3 million dollars A MONTH

to those individuals/organizations that get the most votes online.

San Anto has applied for a $50,000 grant

that will go toward operational expenses.

Winning this award is CRUCIAL to SACA being able to keep our doors open

in light of our upcoming move to 2120 El Paso

and with the troubles in the economy.

SO! We need you to VOTE!

Let us break it down for you...

1: The amount of times you have to create a Pepsi Refresh username.

They will NOT spam you or send you Pepsi promos. You can only vote if you have a username, and WE NEED YOU to vote.

30: The number of chances you have to vote for San Anto.
You can vote once a day for each organization all month. So, if everyone who knows about San Anto voted for San Anto every day, we would have a really good shot at winning.

2120: San Anto's new address on El Paso.

A portion of the money would go to helping us renovate and move into our new place! Our new home will more than double our current square footage, give us a bathroom, and dramatically increase our capacity to change lives and impact the community.

50,000: The amount of money San Anto applied for.
Think of all that we could do with those funds! We will put that money to work in renovating our new place, supplies for our programs (El Placazo Community Newspaper and the Community Mural/Public Art program), and salaries for our staff. We have a new building, more participants, and an excited, capable staff. This money will help us build our capacity to maximize all those things!

107,000: The number of individuals who live on the Westside of San Antonio.
These are the people San Anto Cultural Arts serves: a third of them are below the poverty line, 60% of the high school kids will not graduate, and teen pregnancy is 4 times the national average. However, San Anto believes that 100% of these people have the potential to lead lives above these negative influences if they are given the tools for empowerment.
That's what San Anto Cultural Arts is here for.
We empower people through quality arts and relevant culture.

The mission of San Anto Cultural Arts is to foster human and community development through community-based arts. This Pepsi Refresh Everything grant will continue to help us achieve that mission.

Will you help Pepsi help us?

Please vote starting June 1st. Tell your friends, too.

It's in your hands! Su voto es su voz!

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