Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What Came First? ¿Los Huevos Rancheros o Manuel?

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It almost seems hard to remember now whether Huevos Rancheros or Manuel "Manny" Castillo came first, the two have been so synonymous for so many years. Of course the delicious huevos rancheros breakfast has been a tradition on Westside breakfast menus and on kitchen tables for generations, but the Huevos Rancheros Gala and Silent Art Auction, only in its 12th year, feels every bit as important in this community as the simple eggs and ranchero sauce dish that lend the event its name.

Manny and San Anto started the Huevos Rancheros Gala and Silent Art Auction as a means of raising money for the organization. But if you think of $60 plates, a fancy dress code, and glitter when you hear the word "gala," think again. In the spirit of generosity and the organization's mission, entrance into Huevos has always been by donation-- allowing some of the community residents SACA serves the same opportunity to enjoy a great gala event as someone who is able to write a bigger check. 

Ever since that first year, SACA always honors a King and Queen Huevo, individuals who have made significant contributions to the arts community and/or the Westside, to preside over the Gala. In the event's history there have been 22 kings and queens, including individuals like Patti Radle, Cruz Ortiz, Linda Pace, Jesse Treviño, Lila Cockrell, Al Aguilar, Andy Benavides, Eva Ybarra, and many others. 

Other fixtures of the event include the Silent Art Auction and music by favorite local bands. The event has continued to grow and expand over the last twelve years, and this year should prove to be the biggest and best yet. At the place of primary importance and honor is Manny, who will be honored posthumously as our 2009 King Huevo. Who better to reign over this year's event than the man who helped create it, the man who devoted his life to arte y cultura on the Westside? We say, nadie. He will be represented by his father, Manuel Castillo, Sr., and his mother, Rafaela Castillo, will be honored as Queen Huevo.

This year's highlights will also include music by Los #3 Dinners and DJ Tony Rocha, catering by Lisa's Mexican Restaurant, poems about the monarchs by Santiago Garcia, and some of the best arte by local artists ever to be featured in the event. Not only will this year's event be a moving tribute to this neighborhood's ambassador, but it will also be a fun time for the gente to enjoy the ambiente of art, good food, and music.

Starting tomorrow (September 9) we will be posting the art pieces that will be available for bidding at the Silent Art Auction, along with a description of the piece and the artist. We'll try to post them every day or every other day so that you can get excited about and poised to bid on the outstanding art we will be featuring this year. Check back often-- you never know what will be showcased next!

Stay tuned for more sneak peaks and details about Huevos 2K9. Wear your Huevos pride loud, proud, and often. So does it matter what came first, los Huevos Rancheros o Manuel? No. The two are forever entwined in our minds, memories, and hearts, and SACA will do it up right to honor them both for years to come.
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  1. Losing Manny causo mucho sadness for us. Unbelieveable as it may be he is gone. Me, well I am still grieving the loss of his life for our barrio, our gente and our chavalitos. Tears se me salen the moment a thought of him enters my mind's eye. My breath quickens and my panza hurts. The tears sting my eyeballs and pictures of Manny in his Tandito swirl in my head chancleando at Salute to some "Ridiculous" Esteban Jordan. Nobody, Nadie, Ninguno me bailaba como me bailaba el Manny. He shared his soul with his dance partners while dancing and you could see and feel it. The reason he could share his soul was cuz he knew his soul, he felt his soul, and he wanted all of us to feel it and know it too. Just like he was connected to his feeling, his emotion, his musica, he wanted all of us to know that in ourselves too. He was a man of the streets del Mero Hueso. I hope he roams around there today, tonite cuz he wants to and not cuz he's lost. I know he misses us like we miss him. But thanks to him I found, saw, experienced arte, cultura, alma, espiritu, feeling in the museo that is my mero hueso. Laterz te escribo mas........Patricia S.Castillo c/s