Friday, October 30, 2009

It was a dark and stormy night....

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... when a host of creatures-- a witch, the Bride of Chuckie, two ghouls, a mummy, Count Dracula, two cowgirls, el lucha libre, and superwoman-- descended on San Anto Cultural Arts. These creatures listened to spooky music and ghost stories, made owls out of moon pies, ate mountains of pizza and sweets, played Halloween word games, and battled in Witch's polo. These photos captured the creepy proceedings... 

Bride of Chuckie enjoying her creation

A ghoul, a cowgirl, and their owls

Superwoman and her owl

A whole nest of owls!

A satisfied customer 

Working on a word scramble

A witch, a mummy, el lucha libre, you know... standard fare.

A witch on her broomstick

Witch's Polo!

Prizes to the victors

Witches aren't the only ones who fly!

And the creepiest of all.... Big Red without Barbacoa!

El Placazo Halloween Party
October 29, 2009
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