Thursday, October 1, 2009

Spreading the Huevos Gospel to the Neighborhood: Neighborhood Drive Through

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A lot has been going on around the office trying to get ready for Huevos on Saturday (just 2 more days!!!). Whether it's printing mas tickets, collecting fabulous arte, organizing merchandise, drafting volunteers, or creating egg-themed sashes, the pulse and the heartbeat of San Anto has almost exclusively been H.U.E.V.O.S. We've been really busy, but we're also having fun preparing for such a momentous event. One of the most fun activities we did was a Neighborhood Drive Through-- literally driving and biking through the neighborhood with our cars decorated, honking our horns, flashing our lights, and passing out Huevos flyers and Placazos-- to try to get the word out about our event. 

We took a caravan of 5 vehicles and four bikes, sandwiched by the mural van and a taxi, and caused a ruckus in the neighborhoods surrounding San Anto and the Plaza Guadalupe. Lots of folks came out of doors to see what all the commotion was about, and what started as confusion turned into excitement for one of the biggest events this neighborhood has ever seen.  

Maricela prepping a poster

Getting ready to go!

Anilu's ready!

Anddddd we're off!

Heather gettin' people fired up by tootin' that horn!

Mari spreading the Huevos gospel

It might be hard to tell, but this precious child was given un El Placazo and immediately sat down on his basketball in the middle of the sidewalk and read it. Talk about the power of the written word! You never know who it will touch.

We handed out flyers to anyone and everyone

The token artsy shot. This is an arts organization, after all.


Job well done, everyone! 
Thanks goes to Cristina Ordonez, Ruth Buentello, Maricela Olguin and her sister, Anilu Gonzalez, Mari Hernandez, Matthew Carrion, Rico Salinas, Dolores Valles, Jeremiah Valles, Angelina Oz Estrada, Heather Eichling, Melinda Higgins, and Patti Radle for making our Neighborhood Drive Through a huge, fun success!

Show you love for Huevos on October 3rd
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