Tuesday, January 19, 2010

San Anto included in OCA's ArtBeat TV show!

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San Anto is pleased to announce that we have been included in the Office of Cultural Affairs' ArtBeat TV program, a program hosted by OCA's Sebastian Guajardo that highlights San Antonio's vibrant local arte scene. San Anto was included in a long segment about the Community Mural/Public Art Program! Sebastian interviewed Heather in the office, and then went out to SACA's 38th mural, "Consciousness" at Escobar Park, with Ruth (CMP Coordinator) and Rico Salinas (Lead Muralist). It's exciting to continue to get that kind of exposure in the wider community and have the opportunity to show off the exciting things we're doing around here.

The program comes on Public Access TV, but you can also check it out on OCA's website. San Anto's segment is about midway through, and you can either click to advance or watch it from the beginning. Check it out!

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